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SassClass Series

Our Signature Dance + Video  Program

Advance your dance skills with a new dance routine

Join a Sisterhood of generous, adventurous, empowered women

Step into your power & embrace the spotlight with the culminating video shoot!

SassClass Series Structure:

* The below reflects our Six-Week Program structure. Summer Sessions and Starlet by Sunday Weekends vary in structure.



Five 90-minute Class Sessions


Learn & Perfect the

Dance Routine



One 3-Hour Video Shoot Experience

 On-location in iconic NYC location or in our gorgeous private Studio

Includes Professional

Videography, Photography,

and Lighting



Wrap Party

Arranged after the Video Shoot


Community Events 

during and after your program

If you miss a class, it's no problem!

We send practice videos each week covering what we learned,

and we also host practice parties which you can attend.

Top Benefits of SassClass

Reported by Students



Feeling Beautiful & Sexy

A Sense of Belonging

Sisterhood & Community

No longer being stopped by fear

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