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Julia Sokol is the founder and CEO of the fast growing dance studio in Manhattan New York

Julia Sokol

Founder & CEO

Julia, aka our SassMama, curates and maintains the overall vision of SassClass, collaborating across all of our teams to ensure the happiness and satisfaction of everyone who joins us at SassClass!
She is Executive Producer of our video shoots, and you can also catch her occasionally teaching or subbing in all dance styles.

Julia created SassClass in 2016 as an oasis for the modern woman to foster self-love, connection, confidence, and freedom of self-expression through the medium of dance and performance. She has since grown SassClass to be inclusive of all people -- not just women -- who seek to explore their Feminine expression.
Julia graduated cum laude with honors from Brandeis University with a degree in economics and business. Prior to creating SassClass,  Julia had a career in Marketing and Data Analytics, most recently as an Associate Director at a top ad agency in NYC.
One of Julia's biggest sources of joy, fulfillment, and growth throughout her life is dance. She was the main hip hop choreographer for Adagio Dance Company and OnStage Dance Company and for performing artist Pastele, and a performer with RiSE Exhibition Team and Mint Dance Company.

Julia discovered her love for producing dance concept videos in 2013 when she created a Bollywood-inspired dance video filmed throughout iconic NYC locations as a submission for Lufthansa Airlines' "Move With Us" Contest. She was awarded the grand prize and received round-trip tickets to India!
Through SassClass, she gets to blend her passions for dance and performance, making a positive impact, community-building, and entrepreneurship.


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