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As of 7/15/24:

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We are the creators of the Dance Video Workshop concept,
transforming women into DANCE VIDEO STARLETS


"SassClass will unleash your Inner Dancing Diva"

SassClass featured in

Express your Feminine

Each of our signature dance styles explores a different facet of Feminine Expression.
Choose the one that resonates with you, challenges you, or excites you!

About 2

SassClass is for all women. 

We offer classes and programs in all levels to serve all women,
ranging from Beginners to Advanced Dancers.


Friends having a party event at SassClass studio

What is it?

SassClass is an experience, 
not just a dance class.

SassClass is designed to access to your sensual, playful, creative Feminine energy.
Here, you will discover yourself as the unstoppably powerful, divinely beautiful, supremely talented woman that you are.

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SassClass is a community,

There is a sense of collective achievement and belonging.
Women form deep bonds through their shared experiences here.
Our culture is one of unwavering support and zero judgment.

Dancers having fun with each other while dancing at a dance studio in Manhattan

SassSisters say...

A powerful, playful dance class and a welcoming, accepting goddess circle wrapped into one.  


—  Jenna H.

Lifestyle Coach

Mailing List
Graceful dance performance at SassClass studio in Manhattan. Our dedicated student showcasing exquis
Energetic post-class pose at SassClass studio in Manhattan. Our students radiating joy and camarader
Dynamic video shoot at SassClass studio in Manhattan. Our talented students striking confident poses
Celebratory birthday party at SassClass studio in Manhattan. Three joyful students with candlelight,
Happy SassClass students posing for a photo after a dance lesson at our New York studio.
Heartwarming moment at SassClass video workshop in Manhattan. Two student dancers sharing laughter a
SassClass dancers striking a pose and capturing memories after a dynamic dance lesson in Manhattan.
Vibrant dance video shoot at SassClass studio in Manhattan. Talented students showcasing their moves
Dynamic dance video shoot with SassClass students. Talented dancers expressing their passion and ski
Confident student striking a pose for a camera shoot at SassClass studio. Embracing the spotlight an
Dynamic women dancers shooting a dance video at SassClass studio in Manhattan. Embracing the rhythm
Happy student immersed in dance at SassClass. A close-up capturing the joy and passion of the dance
Energetic student dancer at SassClass, embracing the joy of dance and having a blast in the moment
Vibrant party dance at SassClass studio in Manhattan. Women having a blast, celebrating with dance a
Student dCreative video shoot at SassClass studio in New York. Student dancers showcasing their tale
Talented student striking a confident pose during a dance video shoot at SassClass studio
Exciting group of attendees celebrating with dance and laughter, making unforgettable memories at NY
NYC Experiences

It was exhilarating. The real value is in how much fun you feel by pushing yourself out of your comfort zone. Plus, you look totally hot while doing it.

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