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SassClass Instructor

Join the dreamiest team around - Team Sass!

As a SassClass Instructor, you are

a leader, a creator, a role model, and an inspiration for our students.

You've got big dreams, a big heart, and you thrive on empowering others.

Seeing your students come alive and break through perceived limitations is what you live for.

You connect with our values of sisterhood, play, freedom, courage, and feminine expression

and you bring these to every class you teach and every interaction you have.

You're a hard worker, receptive to feedback (we give it, often), and a team-player.

You can balance being a rowdy hypewoman, a respected & trusted authority, and a holder of sacred space.

It is a non-negotiable that you are extremely reliable, punctual, and have a high level of integrity.

If this is the right fit for you, you will know because being a part of Team Sass will feel like a fulfillment of your purpose.

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